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Augmented Reality: The Next Marketing Channel

Tim Maytom

While offline marketing materials like print, merchandise and point of sale may be impactful in person, customers now expect a seamless experience from the physical to mobile and digital.

Augmented reality can help connect the dots. AR leverages the benefits of traditional and digital marketing in a whole new channel, making offline marketing interactive, engaging and measurable while providing digital marketing with a connection in the physical world.

Creating augmented reality campaigns is easier than you may think. Simply click here to download a free eBook from Aurasma and find out how marketers are bringing offline marketing into the digital age.

By downloading this new eBook, you'll learn:

  • The benefits of using AR - drive performance, gain insights, demonstrate innovation and generate customer engagement

  • How to add AR to existing marketing channels, enhancing existing marketing channels with augmented reality

  • How to get started with augmented reality, with contacts for experts at HP Aurasma who can help you get your project up and running

Download Augmented Reality: The Next Marketing Channel today to access real world examples from international brands that have embraced the power of augmented reality, and explore how this cutting-edge technology can empower your own marketing.

Click here to download Augmented Reality: The Next Marketing Channel eBook for free.

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