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Ford's new self-driving concept uses drones to complete delivery

Tyrone Stewart

Ford has unveiled a self-driving van concept that works with drones to pick up and deliver goods in urban areas where accessibility may be a problem.

The ‘Autolivery’ concept sees a self-driving van work as a moving hub of delivery drones that navigate potential obstacles in the delivery journey and ‘could quickly and efficiently transport everything from groceries to urgently needed medical supplies’.

The idea of ‘Autolivery’ focuses on the ‘last 15 metres’, or from kerb to door, in goods delivery – which is considered the most challenging part of the goods delivery process to automate, and a challenge that will only get more common with the rising amount of deliveries from online sales.

“It’s all about making life in the city easier. The possibility of harnessing autonomous and electric vehicle technology with drones to quickly and easily send and deliver parcels could help to make life better for everyone,” said Ford designer Euishik Bang.

The ‘Autolivery’ concept was introduced through VR headsets at Mobile World Congress as part of Ford’s vision of the ‘City of Tomorrow’.

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