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Medium introduces Snapchat Stories-like feature

Tyrone Stewart

Online publishing site Medium has become the latest in, what has now become, a long line of platforms to borrow a feature from Snapchat. It has done this by introducing its new Series feature for its mobile app.

Series enables users to add text, images, and GIFs, in a ‘series’ of cards to build their stories over time. Unlike Snapchat, these stories do not disappear after 24 hours and can be continued to be built upon for as long as the user likes.

Kate Zhu, product and engineering at Medium, said in a blog post: “With more and more readers turning to Medium on their phones, we began to explore how we could provide a new means of storytelling that didn’t simply conform to the constraints of a small screen, but instead used these constraints to build a more powerful type of story.”

Readers can follow a Series by opting in to push notifications for every time the creator adds a new card. Series also saves the place where the user stopped reading, and lets the reader leave feedback once they have reached the end of what is currently available.

The Series section is available on Medium’s iOS and Android apps. Early adopters of the feature include Bernie Sanders and Melinda Gates.

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