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Money App Revolut Now Lets You Split the Bill

Alex Spencer

Revolut Bill SplitRevolut, a global money app that includes debit card, currency exchange and peer-to-peer payments, now enables its users to split the cost of any payment.

When making a payment with a RevolutCard, users will be able to split the cost of payments with their phone contacts. This is done by tapping the ‘split bill button’, on the relevant transaction, and selecting the phone contact they wish to split with. The amount can be split into any proportion.

If the contact has the Revolut app, they will get a notification with the request. If not, they will receive a text or email with a link – through which they can download the app.

Revolut says the process is “free, instant and eliminates the awkwardness of asking someone to pay you back”.

The feature is also said to enable people using the Revolut app without a RevolutCard to split payments. Through the ‘Rev Money’ button, an amount to be split can be entered and request sent as before.

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