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Twitter to start streaming eSports tournaments

Tyrone Stewart

Twitter is going to start streaming eSports after agreeing to partner with eSports companies ESL and DreamHack to livestream events and original content globally in 2017.

As part of the partnership, Twitter will stream more than 15 events in the ESL One, Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) and DreamHack circuits – starting with the IEM Katowice this Saturday 4 March. Furthermore, ESL will produce live original content for Twitter, including a 30-miunte weekly highlights and behind the scenes show.

"eSports is growing at a rapid pace and we see this collaboration as a way to tap into the engaged audience of gamers that are already using Twitter as a primary source of content," said Anthony Noto, COO at Twitter. "By partnering with the leading eSports companies like ESL and DreamHack, we look forward to bringing the best of eSports live video and conversation together on Twitter."

The livestreams will feature TV style ad spots, and highlight and recap clips that can be sponsored by advertisers. Twitter makes the move into eSports streaming after venturing into the streaming of traditional sports last year when it started showing NFL games live on its platform.

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