Urban Airship integrates with Apple Pay for customer loyalty - Mobile Marketing
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Urban Airship integrates with Apple Pay for customer loyalty

Tyrone Stewart

Urban Airship, a mobile growth company, has collaborated with payment technology service provider USA Technologies to integrate with Apple Pay – and provide consumers with the ability to earn and receive loyalty rewards with a single tap.

Through the integration, businesses can automatically update loyalty points or offer a pre-filled enrolment form at the point of sale when customers use Apple Pay.

“Apple Pay is unlocking massive marketing value for brands as loyalty cards top the list of things consumers want in their wallets and provides a dramatically easier and speedier checkout experience that extends reach well beyond the register,” said Brett Caine, CEO and president of Urban Airship.

As consumers tap their iPhones at checkout, the brand’s loyalty card and the user’s preferred payment method are displayed in Apple Pay – this means both mobile payment and updating of loyalty rewards apply. If the consumer does not have the brand’s loyalty card, they are presented with a pre-populated enrolment form with information from their device. Once enrolled, a loyalty card is added to the Apple Wallet.

The addition of a loyalty card to the Wallet enables businesses to drive acquisition and data capture. It enables them to sync their loyalty systems and send targeted notifications to the consumer, as well as changing pass graphics and links, and triggering passes to display on entry to a specific location.

“We believe the ability to integrate loyalty programs with Apple Pay offers an enhanced experience for consumers at the point-of-sale which builds loyalty, repeat visits and sales,” said Maeve McKenna Duska, SVP of sales and marketing at USA Technologies. “Looking ahead, as Apple Pay usage continues to grow, this technology lays the foundation for next generation loyalty programs that will only enhance the way retailers engage with loyal customers and add value.”

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